Africa_Emoya_two-males-1200x672Thanks to the monumental efforts of ADI’s Operation Spirit of Freedom and all the supporters around the world, 33 lions rescued from circuses in South America have been brought home to Africa.

Our lions arrived safely at OR Tambo International
in Johannesburg on 30 April 2016. Ibubesi Transport Logistics were there to load the lions and bring them on their 300 kilometre road journey home to the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Limpopo.

Savannah Heuser, co-owner of Emoya, says the transfer went as well as expected, “They handled the flight and journey so well. Some of the lions were anxious when they arrived which played out with a little aggression, but they are all doing really well.”

Releasing each of the lions into their temporary phase one enclosures has been a joy to witness. Watching them sniff and explore their surroundings as they touch African soil for the first time. Seeing their almost instant contentment, it’s as if they know they are finally home where they belong.S001_C028_0501HI


What validation that there is so much force for good at work in the world when an organisation like ADI, driven by the unrelenting efforts of its president Jan Creamer, is given the support and resources to pull off a rescue and relocation of this magnitude.


There are so many organisations, businesses and individuals who have contributed in bringing the 33 lions home and we thank each and every one from the bottom of our hearts.

Now the journey at Emoya truly begins, to care for the 33 lions for life.

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